Depackaging Machine

The Dominator Waste Depackaging Processing Machine, food waste separation handling whilst separating outer packaging from inside waste, enabling you to reuse and recycle waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill. Trusted depackaging equipment UK.

The Dominator Depackaging Machine UK

The Dominator Depackaging Machine UK uses a motor to drive a solid steel shaft lined with paddles, using mechanical and centrifugal forces material is depackaged and forced through a mesh screen. Waste packaging makes its way through the barrel and out through the outlet.

The Dominator Depackaging Machine is the solution to help process waste material from food, pharmaceutical and municipal waste, through to tetra pack, tin cans and plastic bottles, our machines can depackage food waste, both wet and dry waste products.

Waste Depackaging Machine Supplier Agents Worldwide

We have agents for our waste processing equipment in Spain, Romania, Australia and New Zealand.

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