Rowan Food & Biomass Engineering

Family-run engineering company specialising in food manufacturing, animal feed milling, food waste and depackaging. Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering is based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

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Rowan Food & Biomass Engineering

If you are looking for a company who are down to earth and practical in their approach, who speak your language without the corporate jargon, then Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering is the company for you.

A family run company who pride ourselves in our integrity, working with the customer’s best interests as our top priority and with our years in the industry, from shop floor to production management.

Whatever service you are after we can accommodate your needs, from inception and design through to installation and commissioning we will find a solution that will meet your needs. We can also off new or refurbished equipment specified to suit your exact requirements.

Rowan Engineering Services - Rowan Engineering

Engineering Services

Rowan Engineering have worked in different sectors and in many different parts of the world doing business with small independents to large multinational companies.

Rowan Engineering Machinery

Engineering Machinery

Choosing the wrong machinery can be costly and reduce your output so it is vitally important to have the advice of an independent expert to help you make the right choices.

Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering team RVC Drop through rotary valve Rowan Engineering

Rowan Engineering

Looking for a company who are down to earth, practical in their approach, who speak your language without the jargon, then Rowan Engineering is the company for you.

Makers of The Dominator Depackaging machine

The Dominator Waste Depackaging Processing Machine, food waste separation handling whilst separating outer packaging from inside waste, enabling you to reuse and recycle waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill.

Waste food is a fast-growing issue for many companies, councils and manufacturers. Much of the waste generated cannot be accepted straight in to the manufacturers process; but requires some degree of separation or removal of outer waste packaging before it can be processed.

The Dominator Depackaging Machine UK is the solution to help process waste material from food, pharmaceutical and municipal waste, through to tetra pack, tin cans and plastic bottles, our machines can depackage food waste, both wet and dry waste products.

Depackaging Machine - Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering Depackaging Machines UK
Rotary Airlock Feeders by Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering UK

Supplier of Premier Rotary Valves

Founded by Rowan Food and Biomass Engineering in 2022, offers a wide range of rotary airlocks and rotary feeders at competitive prices.

Our rotary valves are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications. They can be operated manually, using a hand crank or lever, or automatically using a motor or other actuation mechanism.

Rowan Food & Biomass Engineering Projects

Check out some of our projects below.

Boiler Feed Systems

Boiler Feed Systems

For many years the company has supplied boiler feed systems to industry. There are many challenges and potential pitfalls when transporting biomass material so it is vital that the correct design is selected. We have used many different types of materials handling...

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Oat Dehulling and Stabilising

Oat Dehulling and Stabilising

For this Oat Dehulling and Stabilising project, Rowan food and biomass were employed to design and project manage a site where the aim was to intake raw oats and sell stabilised groats to the market place.

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Municipal Waste to Energy

Municipal Waste to Energy

After viewing the Dominator Depackaging machine system at one of our previous installations a customer decided that this system would be perfect to suit their needs. Municipal waste is loading into an intake hopper where the waste begins the conditioning process, this...

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